Verse-by-verse study through the
Bible with Pastor Skip Heitzig

  • About the Study

    Expanding your knowledge of the truth of God by explaining the Word of God in a way that is interactive, enjoyable, and congregational. Join us as we learn the Bible verse-by-verse, each Wednesday at 7:00 pm in the main sanctuary or watch at

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  • Come Prepared

    Join us as we connect, study, and meditate with other believers on a daily basis, following the same text of Scripture alongside one another throughout the week. Come prepared will engage us in the expound community and whet our appetites for the Word of God.

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  • Resources

    There's a toolbox of resources available that will supplement our daily quiet times with the Lord: thought-provoking questions, suggested meditations, personal applications, and a weekly small group. Participate in as many or as few as you would like and come prepared!

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